SHOOT Football Return to the Streets

Return to the Streets with SHOOT Football

Small – sided games trace their origins to the street soccer games of the past. They represent a return to the old-school style of learning, free form lunch break rather than a structured PE class or coaching session. Player – centred games set their own standard.

Ability, not age as the main criteria
Street soccer was played in an endless variety of forms, with different numbers, on different surfaces, with different goals, rules and even different balls. Players learned quickly how to adapt to the changing situations and conditions.

Small – sided games allow children the greatest opportunity to develop all the basic skills within the context of the match, while they also encourage children to develop their own identities in the game.

SHOOT Football will set up spaces (field area and goals) for players to create their own game that will allow players to express themselves in the game of their choice. Players will play games that they create in a fun environment run by themselves.

All players must wear shin pads, coloured bibs will be provided.

For more information, please contact Tony Judge 0405 152 920 or

Cost: $60 per player
Venue: Port Macquarie Hockey Field
Time: 9:30am
Dates: Sunday 31 st October (6 weeks)
Player ages: 8-18 years

Places are limited so please complete registration form to lock in your place in Return to the Streets

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